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Basis of Existence
Who takes care of your diseases? The modern medicine does - subsisting upon your diseases.
Who takes care of your health? Nobody does, if not yourself! It's you alone, subsisting upon your health.
Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

Hypertension, Risk Factor No. 1 of Civilization. Every other of us dies from its consequences.  Causes? Top secret No. 1!  Curability? Top secret No. 2!  Permanent long-term treatment instead of cure for millions of people suffering from hypertension: One of the huge sources of income for a sector of economy that is subsisting upon our diseases as its basis of existence.

How to protect yourself from hypertension (risk factor No. 1 of civilization), how to normalize your blood pressure in a natural way, how to make your hypertension just disappear automatically by only removing its true causes, and how to rebuilt your reliable natural basis for your complete health constitution for good - the following link opens access for you to this knowledge you were kept in the dark about up to now: http://www.dr-schnitzer.de/bhd001.htm

Health Highlights on this Site

Suffering from hypertension?
It's curable within 6-10 weeks
But not with medication

Example: A hypertonic woman (54), cured from hypertension after only 8 weeks - without pills!

Hypertension is curable.  A typical example of the efficacy: Hypertension patient, female, 54 years old, cured after  8 weeks.
There's a book how to cure it:
"Hypertension Causes & Cure" - click here!

Hypertension? Now you can help yourself and your friends to normalize your blood pressure and blood cholesterol without pills (and without their side effects). Please click here.

New Hypertension Study contains Dynamite

With high evidence the recently started hypertension study proves: Hypertension can be cured within weeks, even after having suffered from hypertension for decades. But not with medication. Hypertension medication doesn't cure, even doesn't "normalize" the blood pressure. Hypertension medication's main effects are the bad side effects. Most doctors don't know this, even don't want to know this. Most doctors don't support, rather oppose their patients' efforts to recover ... You can't believe this? Read the study's participants' reports. If you are hypertonic, try to disprove it. If you have friends suffering from hypertension, forward the study's introduction and evaluation links to them:


Therefore, don't miss to read this book in English:
Book "Hypertension Causes & Cure"

 Suffering from Diabetes and its later consequences? It's curable in most cases.

119 diabetic patients treated with the diabetes curing therapy, that Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer already discovered in 1977:







Diabetes II






Later Consequences






Diabetes I






Later Consequences






(reported by Dr. H. Weiss in "Erfahrungsheilkunde" 13/1981, S. 1085-1087, Haug Edition, Heidelberg, Germany)

Diabetes? Are you suffering yourself, or is somebody you know suffering from Diabetes Type I or Type II and their later consequences, and said to be "incurable for lifetime"? Don't believe that doctrine, which makes the doctors rich and the patients poor. See the chart on the left column. It demonstrates, how many diabetics one single physician could cure within a few months when applying this therapy, that's based on simple but powerful nutritional measures. To read more, please click here: 
Diabetes Secrets for the young Generation - What your doctor isn't telling you about causes, prevention and cure of Diabetes type I...

Therefore,  don't miss to read this new book in English:
Book "Diabetes Causes & Cure"
including Cure of Later Diabetic Consequences

Medicus, quo vadis?
Physician, whither thou goest?

Critical examination of the past and present course
of the "modern medicine".

For more, please click here.

Slim without going hungry
Overweight? The usual recommendations make you suffer, but don't make you slim. Here you learn why. Appetite works like a goldminer. Appetite searches for what your body needs, it makes you increase your eating, if less of its needs are contained in your food. Normalize your weight without going hungry!

Therefore, don't miss to read this booklet in English:
Booklet "Natural Cure of Obesity by Health"

Acne and Pimples?
Internal Cure. For more info: Please click here.

Consider: Medicine is interested in treating diseases. Like well treated guests, well treated diseases like to stay for good in your body. Medicine doesn't know much about the opposite of diseases, that means your natural health. Health is not a source of medical prosperity. Health has nearly no economic value for the medical sector. But for you, health is the most valuable fortune of your life. So it's you yourself, who has to protect it or, if lost, who has to reconquer it. Nobody else, except yourself, has any economic or vital interest to do this for you. On this site you can find the knowledge to do so. (Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer, August 2001). - Now you can protect yourself and your friends from those unwanted "guests": Hypertension Causes & Cure and Diabetes Causes & Cure (for more information, please click on the links).

Dealing with the Sources of natural Health
Who doesn't know the sources of natural health, has an educational deficit. Who knows the sources of natural health and doesn't use them, has an intellectual deficit. Who knows the sources of natural health and uses them, but conceals them from others, has a social deficit. Who is responsible for the education of others, but conceals the sources of health, has a responsibility deficit. Who lives upon diseases of others and conceals the sources of health, has a humanity deficit (crime of exposure). Who is responsible for the health of the population and conceals or even withholds the sources of natural health from the people, commits a crime against mankind (Cold Genocide).
Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer, March 2009.

Background of this Site

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Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
(image 1996) Editor and Author
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 Born 1 June 1930 in Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany, he grew up in St.Georgen, Black Forest, and attended school there and in Villingen. During World War II, still at school, he acquired experience in different professions. From 1950 to 1954 he studied dentistry in Freiburg. His main interests concentrate on sources of natural health and causes of civilization ailments and degeneration. 
When freshly ground cereals proved to be essential to maintain health, Dr. Schnitzer constructed modern household grinders with milling stones. His "civilized origin nutrition" proved to prevent and often cure chronic civilization ailments (e.g. hypertension, obesity, diabetes). He is author of about 20 books with some hundreds of thousands of sold copies. In 1998 he started his Internet activities.

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